Soprano Fatma Said Releases the Song “Ad Ay Saab” from her New Album Kaleidoscope

July 17, 2022

Fatma Said follows her award-winning debut album El Nour with a similarly imaginative and even more colourful release: Kaleidoscope.

Egyptian Soprano Fatma Said has just released her latest song “Ad Ay Saab” as part of her new album Kaleidoscope, expected to be released on September 2nd this year. 

The song is inspired by the Argentinian melody of the song El Choclo, composed by Angel Villoldo, one of the pioneers of Tango music, and recorded in Berlin with the Quinteto Angel tango ensemble. 

For this single, Fatma Said collaborated for the first time with poet and song writer Tamer Hussein to carefully select lyrics that reflect feelings of willpower, determination, resilience and hope. 

Fatma said the song is addressed to all hardworking women and girls in the Arab world who strongly sail through the personal and professional challenges of their everyday lives. 

“We succeeded by making a very subtle balance between the carefully selected words that fit perfectly to the musical composition which inspired it.” 

She added: “Tamer Hussein is one of the most prominent poets and songwriters in the Arab world, characterized by his versatile musical taste and a perfect choice of lyrics that matched the color of my voice, my emotion and my character. Since I come from an operatic background, it’s not every day that I get the chance to sing words that were written especially for me, which feels of course very special.” 

Fatma’s new album “Kaleidoscope” features a variety of musical genres from Opera to Jazz, Pop and Swing, bringing together a bouquet of six languages including Arabic, Italian, Spanish, German, English and French. Besides this linguistic diversity, the album’s main concept is all inspired by Fatma’s love for dance and rhythms from minuets, gavottes through tango, bolero and different kind of waltzes. Fatma is an exclusive Warner Classics artist.

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