Women of Egypt Initiative Launches its American Chapter | Saso Nady 

April 12, 2022
Saso Nady

Being away from friends and family while living in America can be challenging, despite what many people think. There are more complex needs that even texts and FaceTime calls can’t resolve. Alexandra Kinias, Founder of Women of Egypt Network and Radwa Moussa-Youssef, Realtor, Author and Influencer, are both Egyptian-Americans living in Arizona and California respectively. They know firsthand the struggles Egyptians face in finding a community abroad. Alexandra and Radwa partnered together to start Women of Egypt, US Chapter, to connect Egyptian Women in the United States together. The goal is to bridge the authentic Egyptian identity and American culture.

Women of Egypt’s mission of empowering women and sharing their stories, along with Alexandra and Radwa’s vision of having a community where women can support one another in their journeys abroad, is what made it happen. In March 2022, the first social collaboration for Egyptian Women in the US took place via Zoom, with 100+ registrants and over 30 women attending. “I wasn’t sure how it’s going to turn out, but I knew there are other women out there in need of a community and that sense of belonging,” Radwa said. 

From young professionals pursuing their post-graduate studies to full-time working women in the tech industry, small business owners, single moms, newlyweds, and many others; Women from all over the States shared their unique experiences. One commonality among the group was how thankful they were to see this initiative come to life and connect to other women in similar situations.

While it’s still early on to determine the direction in which the initiative will fold, there are a lot of potential programs and events being discussed and considered for implementation in the next few months. 

In addition to the moral support, a primary focus for this group is to provide guidance on how to navigate motherhood in America. Mothers carry many worries about instilling the Egyptian identity in their children, teaching them the Arabic language, and introducing them to the culture and its traditions when living overseas. “Women of Egypt Network and Initiative is for every Egyptian woman. I want to share their amazing stories and have this community to let them know they’re not alone. We are here to empower, support, and mentor one another.” Alexandra concluded.

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