WoEgypt Network & WEN Sign MOU to Increase Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs 

November 24, 2021

The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Women Entrepreneurs Network (WEN) Founding Members and New Members Organizations marked an important milestone in the joint efforts of the Egyptian and American governments towards the fulfilment of the sustainable development strategy “Egypt Vision 2030” which emphasizes the importance of empowering women in all fields starting with the economic one through increasing their participation in business and increase the projects that target women.

The MOU signing was held at the Greek Campus and was attended by representatives from the U.S. and Egyptian governments; Leslie Reed, USAID Director in Egypt; Representative from the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry; Federation of Egyptian Industries; Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the AUC School of Business and Women Economic Empowerment Program – Entrepreneurship support at the AUC; and others. 

The event is also a significant milestone for the Women of Egypt Initiative founded by Alexandra Kinias in 2016. The Women of Egypt Network, which is the operational unit of the Initiative, was invited by the founding members to join the WEN as one of five new members. Dina Al Mahdy, COO of the Women of Egypt Network, was present at the ceremony and signed the MOU.

Women Entrepreneurs Network was founded—with ongoing support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)—to strengthen the role of the Egyptian women in developing the society and achieving the comprehensive and sustainable economic development.   This network includes several organizations and active committees in the field of supporting entrepreneurship for women. This one-of-a-kind network aims at providing a practical platform which presents programs and activities related to growing business for women entrepreneurs, and it increases their marketing, networking and investment opportunities and provides an e-platform to reach the largest possible number of women entrepreneurs all over Egypt.

The MOU aims for the collaboration between WEN and WoEgypt, to regulate the Women Entrepreneurs Network in Egypt, to unite the exerted efforts to increase the number of opportunities for women in entrepreneurship field and in SMEs projects. 

They also agreed to work together to reach the largest number of the women entrepreneurs in the field business, and to provide them with services and programs to develop their SMEs with high efficiency and quality, and to introduce a number of activities to provide a supportive and appropriate environment in Egypt to achieve optimal investment for women entrepreneurs.

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