Five Female Podcasters of Egypt to Listen to | Lara Ahmed

August 10, 2021
Lara Ahmed

These days there seems to be a podcast for everything. The popularity is growing and Egyptian podcasters have added their own voices to the podcast boom.  Practically anyone can make a podcast now, but it can be tricky to truly stand out. In the last few years, Egyptian women have created and hosted some of the leading podcasts in the Middle East. Here are 5 podcasters that really represent the women of Egypt. 

1) Heba Shunbo hosts “Mommy’s Happy Hour”.  Shunbo has seen it all as an entrepreneur, interior designer, and co-founder of The Four Fat Ladies, a bakery known for its mouth-watering baked goods and desserts. “Mommy’s Happy Hour” is an English-language podcast that leans into all the highs and lows of motherhood. All episodes are in English.

Heba Shunbo hosts “Mommy’s Happy Hour”.  

2) Nour Emam  hosts “Mother Being”. Emam is a doula who has made a name for herself as a leading educator in maternal and reproductive health. Her instagram page “This is Mother Being” has over 270,000 followers and is growing every day. Emam’s podcast “Mother Being” chat with women about taboos topics such as  fear of child birth, marital rape, and many other controversial subjects.  The podcast is all about empowerment through awareness and education. All episodes are in Arabic . 

Nour Emam hosts “Mother Being”. 

3) Noran Morsi  hosts “The Egyptian Streets Podcast”.  Sparking tough conversations while showing love for your culture isn’t always easy, but Morsi sees the value in appreciating our community enough to aim for a real change.  Season 2  of the Egyptian Streets Podcast has just kicked off and the current edition “Qahirat” discusses the way Egyptian girls and women are taking center-stage.  All episodes are in English. 

Noran Morsi hosts “The Egyptian Streets Podcast”.  

4) Nazli El- Leithy  hosts “A Different Story”.  Through the podcast ,and her Instagram page of the same name, El-Leithy explores what it means to be disabled in Egypt.  The podcast features great guests such as other disabled activists and educators sparking wider conversations.  Most episodes are under 30 minutes and tackle everything from society’s misconceptions to education and activism. All episodes are in English. 

Nazli El- Leithy  hosts “A Different Story”.  

5) Jana El- Sawi hosts “I Never Shut Up Anyway” .  It is a podcast for anyone interested in the creative side of Egypt. El-Sawi talks to ambitious youth about their careers and passions projects. She especially loves discussing the unique ways people are making music, art, and  literature a part of their daily lives. The episodes alternate between Arabic and English.

Jana El- Sawi hosts “I Never Shut Up Anyway” 

 All 5 podcasts are available across Apple Podcasts, Anghami, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.  

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