Ambassadors and Photographers from Around the World Attend Photopia’s 2nd Cairo Photo Week

Photopia to hold the second edition of Cairo Photo Week In presence of ambassadors and the participation of 140 photographers from around the world

March 12, 2021, Cairo – With the aim of supporting the photography community, Photopia, the photographers’ hub is set to open the second edition of Cairo Photo Week this month. Over 140 photographers from around the world will come together for a series of exhibitions, workshops, and panel discussions over 10 days from 11 to 20 March 2021. A number of ambassadors are also due to visit the exhibition, including both the American and British ambassadors in Cairo.

Marwa Abu Leila, Founder and Managing Partner of Photopia said: “Through the Cairo Photo Week, we seek to create a global gathering to support and strengthen relationships between all workers in the world of photography in Egypt and around the world. The theme for this year’s festival is “Depth off Field” to focus on ​the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and expand horizons for mobility and learning through work in various fields of photography. This year, 140 photographers from all over the world and more than 90 speakers will come together during the events of Cairo Photo Week through 11 exhibitions, 80 panel discussions, and 11 workshops. The photography festival, which expects more than 2,000 visitors, are also featuring a special exhibition of cinematography entitled “Cima”, in which top notch cinematographers in Egypt will participate, namely Mohsen Ahmed, Ahmed Al-Morsi, Abdel Salam Moussa, Sameh Selim, Victor Kreidi, Nancy Abdel Fattah, and Eslam Abdel Samie.”

Karim El Hayawan, a Cairo-based photographer and interior architect, said: “Cairo Photo Week provides a platform for positive dialogue that enriches the arts scene with the contribution of artists from different cultures and experiences. This provides a unique opportunity to explore the different types and topics of photography and opens new channels of communication between workers in the photography. We need more of those events and festivals in the field of photography. Moreover, organizing the festival in the historic downtown area brings a special energy to its activities. My participation this year in the exhibition will include a photo walk in some of the historic streets in downtown and photographing the old architecture and its distinctive details, in addition to participating in the exhibition, lectures, and workshops.”

On the Cima exhibition, Abdel Salam Moussa, Director of Cinematography, said: “This year we thought about introducing a new idea by merging cinema with photography as cinema is based on photography. While the director of cinematography deals with 24 frames per second, the photographer takes only one frame. But frames are the base for both. It is the first time that some of the best photography directors come together in a cinema art exhibition. Their different generations, experiences, and know-how will enrich the talks and discussions throughout the festival. Cinematographers will also participate in a public symposium during the festival to talk with the public about the exhibition and the latest trends in the field. There is no doubt that festivals like these have a very important impact across the entire region as they improve the quality and skills of participants by getting acquainted with new tools and techniques and benefiting from the experiences of others.”

Ambassador Jonathan R. Cohen noted: “Some of history’s most powerful stories have been told through photographs. We are delighted to bring acclaimed American photographers to Egypt to share their expertise with counterparts from the Middle East and North Africa and continue the tradition of visual storytelling. Our partnership with Photopia is part of the Embassy’s annual half million-dollar contribution to arts organizations and institutions in Egypt to promote cultural and artistic initiatives.”

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