Shosha Kamal’s Scarab Beatle Chair at The White House.

February 24, 2020
By: Nada Salem

Shosha Kamal – via @ideezign

The scarab beetle – a prevalent Egyptian symbol of transformation and rebirth – is now sitting in the official collection of the United States White House.

When Melania Trump visited Egypt in 2018, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi gifted her a Scarab Beetle Chair by Shosha Kamal Design House. The chair has since been considered among the most unique gifts the former First Lady received from world leaders. 

This elegant white and gold chair features a back made of polished brass which is designed to look like the scarab beetle. The scarab is a recurring symbol in ancient Egyptian mythology that represents the heavenly cycle of life and death. Pharaohs believed that the scarab was the manifestation of the sun God Ra. Just as human life rises then sets, Ra would roll the sun over the horizon every morning and evening, transforming the night into day, and the day into night. 

But the scarab isn’t the only hint of Ancient Egypt seen in Shosha Kamal’s iconic designs. Since starting her brand, Shosha Kamal has made it her mission to revive ancient Egyptian art in her contemporary designs. In 2016, she won her first international Product Design award in the UK. She has continued to win awards for her dazzling furniture pieces that incorporate revered ancient symbols like the scarab beetle, the wings of the goddess Nekhbet, the ‘ankh’ key of life, and the cartouche – the hieroglyphic name plate. 

Shosha Kamal expressed her pride for having one of her designs chosen as a presidential gift to the United States: “From the day I started designing furniture inspired by ancient Egyptian art, I had a dream to see a piece of our charming country in the most beautiful European homes; the same way you’ll find Italian and French-inspired furniture in almost every Egyptian home. Although I’m fascinated by all styles of design, I decided that with its magical history, heritage, and charm, Egypt will be my one and only muse!”

She is thrilled that the presidential gift chosen by our country was “an Egyptian design, manufactured in Egypt, by Egyptian craftsmen, with Egyptian materials.” One of Shosha Kamal’s Scarab Chairs is now the official property of the White House, alongside some of the finest brands in the world. When the federal government of the United States disclosed the list of gifts presented to their former President, the media described the “Egyptian Chair” as one of the five most unique and valuable gifts on the entire list.

Shosha Kamal Design House is becoming an internationally recognized brand, spreading the beauty of ancient Egypt through her contemporary work around the world. “I’m grateful to God that my dream came true. Not only did I get to see a piece of Egypt in European homes, but we even made it into the White House.”

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