In the heart of historic Cairo, Photopia launches second photography festival “Cairo Photo Week”

January 2021, Cairo – Photopia, the photographers’ hub, is preparing to launch the second edition of Cairo Photo Week, an international photography festival, at four different locations in the heart of Cairo’s historic Downtown area, for 10 days between 11 to 20 March 2021.

Cairo Photo Week is an international artistic and cultural event that seeks to attract and bring together the photography community in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa through educational lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and various other services. Organizing the festival for the second time is Photopia, a school of photography founded in 2012 to support the rising and professional photography community in Egypt and the region.

Marwa Abou Leila, Co-founder and Managing Director of Photopia, said: “Cairo Photo Week is a regional and international event that bolsters and strengthens the relationship of those who work in the field and helps present new local and regional talents. For its second edition, the festival will launch under the theme DEPTH OFF FIELD, following the success of the first festival in 2018, which had a significant impact on the photography community in Egypt and the region and hosted over 90 Egyptian, regional, and global lecturers and saw the participation of 1,500 visitors, photographers, videographers, cinematographers, and image-makers.”

She added: “This year’s edition of the festival primarily aims to empower domestic and regional photographers and widen their horizons in this field, which has become a highly competitive industry. This will be achieved through a variety of workshops, discussions, and lectures along with image critiquing, 350 hours of photography education, discussions with key documentary, commercial photographers, cinematographers and advertising industry leaders. The festival will constitute 70% learning and 30% exhibitions, open studios, photography services, and networking events with speakers, lecturers, and local, regional, and international exhibitors who will present the various workshops.”

Abou Leila said: “One of the notable additions to the upcoming festival is that it will be broadcast online, with participants being able to virtually attend some of the festival’s activities such as discussions and exhibitions, expanding the attendance and attracting new segments from different geographical locations, age groups, and nationalities. The festival, which will last for 10 days in Downtown Cairo, will host 2,000 visitors, participants and attendees, in addition to 3,000 virtual participants.”

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