Lamia Kamel emphasizes her support for Egyptian women during MBC Al Amal’s conference

Cairo, Egypt – December 1st, 2020

Lamia Kamel, CEO of CC Plus and Founder of Narrative Summit, participated today in MBC Al Amal’s “Mashrou Amal” event. She was featured as a panellist on the Women’s Entrepreneurship panel among other industry leaders. Kamel discussed her support for aspiring female entrepreneurs and highlighted the challenges they face, most notably maintaining financial liquidity flow, designing marketing strategies, and building a successful team that contributes to the success of their project.

Laila Kamel

“When Narrative Summit kicked off in 2016, our focus was on creating a national identity and inspiring a positive image of Egypt both locally and internationally. The summit provides a platform for policymakers and decision-makers to meet experts in different fields and discuss with them the means of launching constructive partnerships between the civil society, the private sector, and the government, in order to support and implement innovative ideas that can positively impact Egyptian society,” Kamel explained.

Reflecting on the panel discussion, Kamel emphasized her support for Egyptian women and their accomplishments across different sectors saying that, “Throughout Narrative Summit’s four editions, we have been committed to hosting women of different backgrounds to tell us about their own unique experiences in their respective fields and how they worked to change it for the better.” Kamel also added that more women are taking on leadership positions around the world, whether in parliaments or ministerial portfolios. However, despite this progress, it remains below the level of gender parity in most countries around the world.

Focusing on Egypt, Kamel praised the government’s strategy aimed at raising the ratio of women in leadership positions to 30%, stressing the need for this representation to be present and balanced across different sectors. “It is important to include women in all fields not just positions that are generally thought of as more appropriate for women,” she explained. “There is no such thing as a job made only for a man or a woman. Competence should be the only criterion used for choosing leaders regardless of gender or personal whims.”

The conference showcased the projects of several inspiring women entrepreneurs. Siham El Naggar, the founder of the CurvaBella platform, talked about her project that provides fashion services and products for women. Hana Khaled, the founder of Dampa, said that her startup helps recycle tons of fabric waste, while Samar Karma, founder of Eskai, spoke about the first sustainable fashion marketplace in Egypt. The entrepreneurs also included Dima Sari, founder of Explore Agora that aims to bridge the gap between children’s curiosity and exploring the world around them, Farah Emara, founder of FreshSource, which is working to disrupt the agricultural supply chain to lower costs, and Sarah Mahmoud, founder of Helpee app that provides an integrated platform for people with disabilities. Nancy Soliman also talked about her clothing brand, Libra Perform, while Zahra Al-Makawy reviewed how her Promental platform can provide psychological treatment to all students, and Menna Shahin, the founder of TeKeya, showed the potential of the app in reducing food waste and eliminating hunger.

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