Fustany Launches its New Venture “Fenun”

Cairo – November 9, 2020 – Press Release

Claire Seffeen, Founder of The Design Narratives

The pandemic has made us all take a deeper look into our lives and how we are investing our time, whether it’s a hobby we wanted to practice or a dream project we wanted to work on. We also at Fustany had the same opportunity to reflect and work on our dream project which is helping our users reach their potential and learn something new every day.

This is where the idea of Fenun.me came to life, an ed-tech platform for all types of art courses, from fashion design, styling, painting, photography and much more, giving our users the opportunity to pick from a wide variety of courses and develop their skills or learn something new within a short period of time.

Amira Azouz, Founder of Fustany

Amira Azzouz Founder & Editor in Chief of Fustany.com said, “our aim in providing online courses is to help people realize their passion & work on developing their skills whilst keeping up with today’s fast pace & the social changes around us. The material is presented by creative trainers who have a passion for the art they provide, such as our passion for providing continuous support to our followers, which encouraged us to launch the platform, and I take this opportunity to thank all the members of the Fustany team who participated in the Fenun project, whose dedication was the reason for the project to see the light during the year 2020, despite the difficulties we faced in implementation, as this was in line with the beginning of the Corona pandemic.”

Artist Hala El Sharouny

Amira concluded saying, “We look forward to providing a different and enriching educational experience for all of our followers. We have a selection of the best coaches available.” You’ll be learning from the best in each field, Abdallah.sabry (portrait photography), Amna El Shandaweely (fashion design course), Clair Seffeen (how to build your own fashion brand) and Hala ELSharouny (painting and drawing), the courses include both a theoretical and practical part and are delivered through a mix of pre-recorded videos, presentations, tasks, quizzes and certifications upon completion. You can start at any time, from anywhere at your own pace, the courses do not have any requirements except for an open mind and eagerness to learn. All courses have 3-months access.

Fashion Designer Amna El Shandaweely

 Amira concluded with a mini brief about the trainers “At Fenun we’ve worked with a wide range of instructors who are considered the top within their industries, such as Clair Seffeen who has over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry and worked with the likes of Bloomingdale’s Dubai, Harvey Nichols Kuwait, Burberry, Balenciaga, Kenzo and Jimmy Choo. Abdallah Sabry has worked on shootings with big brands like Oppo, Misr Italia and celebrities like Asser Yassin and Hana El Zahed to mention a few. Artists like Hala El Sharouny with her more than 15-years of experience in art playing around with different untraditional styles of art, Hala’s work has been featured in different exhibitions both locally and internationally. Lastly, our fashion superstar Amna ElShandaweely combines culture, history and even architecture to create African inspired tribal wear, and who has worked with bands like Sharmoofers and Wust El Balad”

Photographer Abdalla Sabri

On another note, Ms Maha Botros, Business Developer at Fustany & Fenun Art Platform, stated that there are offers on subscribing to all courses now, as there are 5 courses available so far, and they are: Styling course in Arabic and English, a fashion design and sewing course, a drawing course with its different techniques and schools & a photography course for professional portraiture. In addition, an agreement is underway with a number of other trainers to present another set of courses in various fields of arts to be available with the New Year 2021.

About Fustany:

Fustany.com is a website for Arab women launched in 2009 and provides topics and advice for everything that concerns women from fashion, beauty and health, and lifestyle. The site has two copies, Arabic and English, and the number of monthly readers is more than 2 million from all over the Arab world and America. Fustany.com inspires women to live a life full of creativity with its wide variety of content; fashion, beauty and lifestyle with a fresh take. 

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