Meet the Afro-Mountain-Singer, Mirelle Mokhtar

Friday July 11, 2020

Mirelle Mokhtar just recently moved back from Vancouver, Canada in 2019. Having lived on a mountain-top for the past 6 years in the beautiful province of British Columbia she is often referred to as “Afro-Mountain-Girl.” 

She breathes, eats, sleeps music… She often sings by lakes and mountain-tops, and just any place she sees fitting. She began singing at the age of three. “Music is the closest thing to magic – we can’t see it, but when it’s real, it makes us all feel the same way. It makes the world a lot sweeter”, she often says. It’s the one thing that makes her feel like flying. 

Mirelle kept pursuing music non-professionally for a while. She posted often on social media, and just when she was on the verge of giving it all up, a video went viral and she was immediately recognized by many big names, one of which was the amazing producer Hisham Kharma. 

She also performed at the World Youth Forum 2019 opening ceremony where she represented her home-continent Africa in front of the President. It was her biggest audience to perform in front of. Her music dreams seemed to unfold little by little since she got back from Canada.

With Hisham Kharma she released a song not too long ago, “Haleq Maa’y”. A song that spoke volumes to her. It was a message that she truly believed in. It was her first official release as a musician. 

She then released earlier this year a rendition of the Egyptian National Anthem that gained major recognition, not just from Egyptians, but also from people all around. Singing the Egyptian national anthem, at a time of uncertainty was a privilege she couldn’t overstate.

Mirelle is also a radio presenter at Nile FM. She has a show called “Homegrown” where she gets to interview local Egyptian musicians. 

Of course, it goes without saying, hiking is her favorite way to escape and disconnect. Hence her name, “Afro Mountain-girl”. You’ll often find this girl with a back-pack on her shoulder with fresh dirt under her fingernails and a big fat smile on her face. Mirelle genuinely smiles from ear-to-ear almost 99% of the time and giggles her way through life. She’s thankful for the earth and the sky and the moon every day for inspiring her music.

Mirelle is currently working on a few original songs and has a few new ideas up her sleeve. She’s not sure how people will react to her music, but she hopes it could mean something to someone one day. Mirelle; however, is certain of one thing, and that is that she wants to make music for as long as she breathes, she wants to be honest, raw, authentic, and she wants to make art that heals. She wants to keep people company through her music.

Listen to Mirelle Mokhtar music here

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