WoEgypt Seeks to Profile 40 Success Stories of Women Over 40 

Saturday May 30, 2020                   By: Dina Al Mahdy


Women in their 40s sometimes go through a tough period in life. They can’t help but think, “We’ll never achieve success,” when everything around begins to look pretty bleak. But keep your heads up ladies! Women all over the world are increasingly achieving significant success later in life. We don’t have to achieve our life-time goals before reaching 30 to be successful.

So instead of launching the under-30 list, WoEgypt launches the first-of-its-kind  “40 Women Over 40” Campaign in Egypt, where we are committed to shed light on 40 diverse women over the age of 40 who have achieved significant success later in life, often by overcoming formidable odds or barriers.

Sponsored by Eva Cosmetics, this WoEgypt “40 Women Over 40” will spotlight and celebrate 40 women on the inspiring side of 40s who are disrupting industries, breaking stereotypes, and inspiring generations.

In sharing the stories of 40 incredible women over 40, we are providing a muse to help women become better advocates for themselves, express their own worth, share tangible, relatable advice that support women.

Why 40s and up? This is the time that many women are transitioning from care-taking—or caring too much about what others think—to taking their careers in their own hands. In doing this, they are creating new businesses or ventures, shifting gears or careers, shattering misconceptions about age and gender along the way, and making a difference in their community, industry or the world.

We want you to be a part of this unique project, which will come to life digitally and in a special article on WoEgypt magazine in September 2020.

The guidelines are simple: We’re looking for Egyptian women born in or before 1980 who are entrepreneurs; nonprofit and philanthropy leaders; politicians, policymakers and social advocates; venture capitalists, financiers and STEM visionaries; or arts and culture creators. We also want to profile middle-aged women who just got their big breaks, like the mother of 2 who published her first novel at 44, or a woman who started her first booming business at 47. That’s the list we want.

Now it’s your turn. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a business owner, a member of a C-suite, a mother, a world traveler, an athlete, yoga teacher or scientist, share your story with us—or the story of a woman you admire. We welcome nominations from family, friends and colleagues.

Join us as we bring powerful stories to life. Check out the middle-age success stories on our page, and nominate (by a like) the trailblazing women who inspire you.

Find more about 40 Over 40 Campaign here

2020 will be even better with the stories of Egyptian women across the world.

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