Egyptian Healthcare Start-ups and Private Sector Partners Launch “One4All” Initiative to Help Fight the Coronavirus

Wednesday April 1, 2020          Press Release:


Nancy Hadi

With growing concerns around the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, a group of Egyptian healthcare start-ups have partnered with top private sector leaders and a number of healthcare professionals within Egypt and abroad, to launch the “One4All” Initiative to collectively provide their services to the nation during this pandemic. Nancy Hadi, Founder & CEO of IBIS, and Co-Founder of the One4All initiative said, “During such unprecedented times, it is essential for the private sector to join forces with the public sector and to offer our services to assist our nation fight the coronavirus pandemic”. This nation-wide Initiative is aligned with the mission and objectives of our Ministry of Health, and government and was created to support the government’s on-going public awareness campaign to inform the public and to help stop the spread of the virus as well as rumors. Another objective of One4All is to offer Egyptians very important medical & psychological online support by professionally trained healthcare providers during this very difficult time.

90876548_117583583211128_6225195486530240512_nOne4All Partners will provide a number of important free public services including;

7Keema, awarded Egypt’s #1 Nursing App, is offering the public access to online Coronavirus counseling services, whether through COVID-19 risk assessment chatbot or live counseling/triage sessions as both are available through video and audio-conferencing tools on their app though the promo code One4All. These sessions will be conducted by professionally trained senior nurses who will be available 24/7 to answer any questions or address any concerns from the public and also guide them to seek the appropriate healthcare service level.

Pashakeem one of the healthcare start-up partners, will provide online coronavirus counseling by professional doctorsusing promocode “One4All”.

Shezlong is also offering psychological counseling on their website, through a dedication link.

91137225_288979865422487_2005465443346677760_nThe triage sessions offered by 7keema and partners are especially important because they will help screen cases and direct patients to seek emergency medical care but ONLY if necessary, which will help reduce the strain on our healthcare system. 7keema will also provide free trainings about coronavirus infection control inside healthcare settings for doctors and nurses through-out Egypt. Many of these free services and trainings will be offered through the use of modern technology like video-conference tools and mobile apps. Dr. Amr Bakr, CEO of 7keema, one of the start-ups leading this initiative, stated that “this initiative is our way of giving back to our nation during this very difficult time”.

Wellness, safety and patient’s privacy are our initiative’s highest priorities, and as such free ‘COVID-19 risk assessment triaging’ chatbot was launched on 7Keema’s app. Through the use of modern technology, we will take users through a short journey using robust symptoms checking algorithm to determine the severity of their case while providing the best recommendations for each case compliant with WHO, CDC and Egyptian MOHP guidelines.

Dr. Bakr stated that, “The crisis we are currently facing as a nation because of Coronavirus has both a very significant human dimension and a potentially major economic impact. Therefore, it is essential that we act decisively and collectively, to contain the spread of the virus and help all patients, and to counter the economic fallout as part of 7keema’s social responsibility”.

Dr. Mohammad Elsheikh, CEO of PaşHakeem app for home healthcare services & online consultations stated that “We are happy to participate in One4All Initiative because it is our duty to serve the Egyptian people & to provide for some of the most current urgent healthcare needs.” Pashakeem is providing free online consultations for patients from the privacy of their own home, which is delivered by specially trained and qualified doctors through their app. The app allows for audio/video calls with doctors while ensuring the patient’s privacy and security and offering high quality of delivery of those services & Online consultations. They are also providing FREE AI assisted automated COVID-19 symptom checker chatbot virtual triage in cooperation with 7Keema and a free online course about “Health Awareness, Prevention & Infection Control of COVID-19 Pandemic”. Finally, through the use of the promocode “one4all”, patients will have 100LE added to their virtual wallet on PaşHakeem App and this can be used to access the free online consultations with specialists & consultants from different medical specialties according to their choice.

“From the mental health side, Shezlong – the first tele-psychiatry website in the Middle East – is offering a 30-minute psychotherapeutic online session for Egyptians or residents of Egypt”, said Dr Mohammad ElShami, the Medical Director of Shezlong. He stated: “Clients who are psychologically effected by this pandemic can connect with psychiatrists and psychologists on the website via videoconference, during and even after this crisis ends”. Please note that to ensure that patients keep their booked appointments with their therapists, they will be charged 10 EGP every time they book a session. Shezlong Normally charges 150+ EGP for a 30-minute therapy session.

Visit One4All Initiative Facebook page
To download the app for Apple and Android ,
Pashakeem for Android, and
Shezlong for Apple and Shezlong forAndroid 

For press inquiries please contact Nancy Hadi at


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  1. I use pashakeem app and it’s a very good app and professional doctor and & a very advanced online consultation with highly privacy and l could call & see doctor by audio & video call thx pashakeem 😍😍😍😍


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