La Vie En Rose: The New Jewelry Collection By Yasmin El Shibawi

Monday February 3, 2020

IMG_8705Egyptian jewelry designer Yasmin El Shibawi borrowed the title of the famous French song La Vie En Rose, by Édith Piaf for her spring 2020 collection, and for a good reason. Her pieces are classic, romantic, just like the lyrics of the song, and soft and delicate like the rose petals. 

Shibawi, the Cairene owner of the brand “YAZ Designs”, was obsessed from childhood with creative designs, crafts, drawing, fashion and colors. “I find it fascinating to express my flawless feelings in designing, especially jewelry making,” she says, “I was lucky to come from a country with rich culture like Egypt, as it is my source of inspiration. I always try to represent this rich culture in unique, precious and complicated jewelry pieces I design.”

IMG_9023With a degree in international business and marketing, Shibawi worked as assistant project manager in an engineering firm for several years. “[But] my desire for jewelry making was still there knocking.” She quit her job, left the corporate life behind and started a new journey, “which I love.”

Her decision didn’t settle well with her family and friends. They thought she was being irrational to leave a corporate job to start a business she had no experience in. However, with persistence, Shibawi obtained several diplomas in both fashion design and jewelry making.

IMG_8692After nearly two years of hard work and challenges, she launched “YAZ Designs”  In February 2018. “My aim was to create bold designs that are neither trendy nor common.” Two years after its launch Shibawi is content that she took the decision to transform her passion to a profession. “I believe it’s never late nor wrong to take the risk of following your heart.”

IMG_8913She uses silver, brass, natural materials and stones and provides different styles in each collection. YAZ Designs’ new collection “La vie en rose” is both feminine and elegant and comes in different shapes and designs. “The curvy floral designs are like rose petals, with colorful charming stones embedded in their heart for those who adore the classic appearance, while the flat floral designs will suit best those who are casual and practical,” Shibawi explains.

With La Vie En Rose spring 2020 collection, spring has come early this year. 

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