“Champions for Change” to Promote Gender Equity and Redefine Manhood.

Tuesday January 14, 2019                    By: Dina El Mahdy

Women of Egypt invites women to join its campaign “Champions for Change” to acknowledge and praise the most inspirational men in their lives.
Photo by Mohamed Hossam El-Din | Photog®aphy

On social media platforms, we are bombarded with news about Egyptian men who mistreat women, deny them their rights, and stand in the way of their happiness, well-being, and success. Yet, the good news is there are still inspirational Egyptian men who support women and encourage them in all walks of their lives.

Until today, women around the world do not have equal rights to men. In 90% of countries, sexist laws restrict women. Women are the principal survivors of gender-based violence, harassment, abuse, and inequality. The struggle for women’s equality is a struggle for dignity, justice, and freedom in all aspects of their lives. Many men either ignore or are slow in acknowledging the injustices women face.

Fortunately, more and more people are beginning to understand that being a feminist has nothing to do with hating men, and everything to do with equality between genders. Even better, public figures and celebrity buzz in Egypt has brought attention to women’s equality and men are championing gender equality, like Magdi Yacoub, Farouk Elbaz, Ahmed Helmy, and many others.

Unwavering in our determination to right these wrongs and based on our belief in gender equality, WoEgypt is leading a social movement and campaign titled “Champions for Change”. Our vision and mission are to achieve gender justice in a movement that many men would consider as their cause, too.

To this end, WoEgypt will celebrate Egyptian men who have championed the women in their lives on 21 June 2020, which will be the first “Male Champions for Change” Day; and this campaign will be the start.

The requirements for joining “Champions for Change” campaign are not hard. All we need from women is to send us a story about a man who holds the belief that women and men deserve equal rights. Thus, we are calling all Egyptian women out there to join our campaign by sending us the stories of the inspirational male figures in their lives; being their family members, partners, peers, relatives, friends, bosses, teachers or professors, who understand that being a feminist has nothing to do with hating men, and everything to do with equality between genders.

Through this campaign we seek to change the negative stereotypical image of Egyptian men and to applaud the most inspirational men in our lives. We are looking for stories of men who are loud and proud feminists; who boldly confront the misplaced dread of women empowerment; who champion gender equality; and who recognize that when women are respected and empowered, they become happier—and so is everyone around them.

Just like we write stories of abusive men, we need to publish stories (written by women) about supportive men. Shedding light on these stories helps create balance and maintain equilibrium, and offers an opportunity to rebuild confidence between both genders. These are the main objectives of our campaign.

Let’s encourage more men to believe in gender equity, and to redefine manhood.

Join Our Campaign with Your Inspiring Stories About Those Unsung Heroes. Let’s Spread Positivity. Send your story in a message to Women of Egypt 

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