Some women are their own worst enemies in their gender’s fight for equality

Sunday December 12, 2020                         By: Nourhan Mansour

Photo by Mariam Mahmoud Hassan

The words “It’s a girl” have haunted men and women, since the dawn of time. Infanticide, a common practice in ancient times, is still practiced in some societies today; a symbol for the shame girls bring to their families, even in modern time.

So, men are too blame, right?

Not entirely. We share the blame too,  for two simple reasons, that even though could easily change, have proven to prevail through time. First, we as women raise the children we bear, and have the biggest influence over them. Second, not all women want equality, or even support it. Shocking, I know!

Children all over the world are more connected to their mothers than to anyone else, because it is usually the women who do most of the raising, and care-giving, and will forever be a part of their children’s lives. And if they have the power to teach their children, or any children within their personal circle about gender equality, and respect towards women, then our problems as women sill significantly decrease.

An article published in 2017 on International Women’s day in Forbes states exactly what we were all afraid off, “In exploring the latest data from around the world on gender equality, and if we read any news at all or engage in social media activity, the following is abundantly clear – there is tremendous dissent and vehement disagreement today among people around the world about the status and importance of equality.” It’s a no-brainer that all women would be on their own sides, backing each other up, and fighting for our rights. Yet, that’s not the case, and strangely enough women are our biggest enemy when it comes to our seemingly everlasting fight for equality.

Generally, anti- feminist women are those who usually have the wrong idea about it. And usually sound a lot like this, “Why do feminists run out on to the streets naked?”  or my personal favorite, “I don’t hate men, so I am not a feminist”. Which is understandable since, popular culture and media have only highlighted radical feminists throughout the years, without explaining what the feminist movement was about. This in turn, clouds and confuses both women and men into thinking feminism is not a smart movement, and that feminists are just delirious and irrational creatures.

On the contrary, feminists aren’t delirious creatures at all, they are people, males or females, that support feminism. And what is feminism you may ask? It’s the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. It’s easy to get confused with what feminism stands for, because there are many subsections beyond the movement. And, just like any movement that has happened since human existence, it can sometimes get confusing.

Whether it’s the radical feminists, the socialist feminists, liberal feminists, or the Muslim feminists, each group has only one thing in common, and that’s their passion for helping women to gain and demand their rights. However, each subsection of feminism, is different in their approach. For example, radical feminists are a subsection of feminists that are more militant or “radical” in their approach as they try to demolish patriarchy.  Whereas, Muslim feminists use the Quran to back up their claims, through a moral peaceful tactic. Now, this isn’t to say one method or approach is better than the other, or to bash one and not the other, this is the claim that feminists should be given the freedom to be activists in whichever way they please.

The lines between right and wrong, good and bad have always been blurry, but It’s easy to see that as women we have always had the power. Yet, the hardest part about owning power is using it wisely.

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  1. Yes, u r right about using the power correctly and wisely. Using power means don’t impose ur point of you or mandate ur beliefs but gives an excellent example of humanity and active participation. I agree with the article’ title” some women against their basic rights. By continuing writing and exploring, hopefully women will be more aware to their rights and power.

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