25 Photos| The Photogger Celebrate The Year End With Their Best Photos in 2019

Sunday December 29, 2019

A picture is worth a thousand words. The photography blogger Facebook page, The Photogger is celebrating the New Year by reposting the best photos they shared during 2019. The page announced that it presents photographic material with a different eye than what is usually shared on Facebook and other social media platforms.

The page posts pictures of hundreds of amateur and professional photographers. They select photos with “positive content, as much as possible, about the Egyptian society and culture.” The page started in mid 2018 and continues with the support of more than 125,000 followers.

Here are 25 photos we selected from their collection of the best photos in 2019.

Ashraf Talaat
The Bride –  Photo ©Ashraf Talaat
AbdelRahman Assem
With grandma – Photo ©Abdelrahman Assem
Jawhara AlOtaibi
Nubian Handicraft – Photo © Jawhara AlOtaibi
Shady Essam
Working in the field – Photo © Shady Essam
AbdelRahman Assem
A girl from the city of Rosetta (Rashid) – photo ©Abdelrahman Assem
Kareem Abdul Kareem
At school – photo © Kareem Abdul Kareem
Ayman Abbas
Models dressed as country side girls in traditional costumes-  photo ©Ayman Abbas 
Concetto Studios
My daughter is getting married – photo © Concetto Studios
Ahmad Ehab
photo © Ahmed Ehab
Mohamed Yuosef
photo © Mohamed Yuosef
Asmaa Tarek El-Khalafawy
photo © Asmaa Tarek El Khalafawy
Hossam Konsowa
photo © Hossam Konsowa
Mohamed Hewela
photo @Mohamed Hewela
Noha Serag ElDin
Fresh from the oven – photo © Noha Serag El Din
 The Cotton Harvest 
Ahmed Ebrahem
Reda the carpet weaver – photo © Ahmed Ebrahem
Ali Zaraay
photo @Ali Zaary
AbdelRahman Mustafa
photo @Abdul Rahman Mustafa
Ahmad Mansour
photo © Ahmed Mansour
Suppermody : Safy Moka
photo © Supermody/Safy Moka
Amira Sayed
photo ©Amira Sayed
Ahmed ARaheem
photo @Ahmed A Raheem
Bassma Khaled
photo © Bassma Khaled
Zad Muhammed
photo @Zad Muhammed
Omar El Kady
Happiness – photo ©Omar El Kady

To view more photos, visit The Photogger Facebook page here 

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