Fashion Designer Farah Wali Launches Her Brand at Fashion Forward Dubai

Sunday November 3, 2019

Via Fashion Forward Dubai

International award winner fashion designer and mixed media artist, Farah Wali launched her fashion brand Maison Farah Wali, with Autumn/Winter 2019 collection, METAMORPHOSIS, at Fashion Forward Dubai,  the definitive fashion platform for Dubai and the Middle East held between Oct 30 – Nov 2.

Via Maison Farah Wali

Metamorphosis collection is inspired by the process of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, “catching that change is what is interpreted here, not only through the merge of human faces and animals in our illustrations and prints but it is carried out within the structure of the garment itself, how the garment can be changed to look differently.“

Via Maison Farah Wali

About the collection, Wali says, “Metamorphosis is made for and inspired by the bold women of today who so freely express themselves with no concern of what others might think. It is made to make you feel empowered, strong, sensitive, creative and above all special.”

Via Maison Farah Wali

Wali graduated from the renowned fashion school; Pollimoda, Florence, Italy – in June 2017. Her masterpiece collection “The Path to Divinity” was featured in Vogue Italy and L’Officiel Paris, Huffington post, UK.  This collection won Copenhagen Fashion Summit and ISKO International Denim Competition, Castle Franco, Veneto, Italy. The ISKO prize included training in Avery Dennison as a creative intern for 3 months in London.

In 2018, after finishing her internship, she won Fashion Star Arabia Competition, a mega MENA region competition, led by the worldly renowned designer Reem Acra. Farah is the first and youngest female Egyptian to win a fashion competition in the Middle East.

Via Maison Farah Wali

Wali describes her brand as Italian made with a Pharaonic soul. “Maison Farah Wali is all about bringing quality, art and beauty into each garment. The aim is to customize and personalize the clothes to our customers in order to showcase the uniqueness of each individual, with an aspiration to bring back the Egyptian heritage back in Fashion and shows throughout the brand’s collections, embodying how Fashion Design directly influences our mindset, daily routine and even inspirations.

Via Maison Farah Wali

Wali believes that through creating clothes around her customers’ personalities rather than impose a set direction would result in empowering her customers to become bold, comfortable and expressive. “A woman who dresses in Maison Farah Wali is a walking in a canvas of imagination, she is strong – one who loves and respects herself and others. She is walking with confidence, spreading around beauty help others do the same,”she adds.

Via Maison Farah Wali

Known for her innovative collections that showcases wearable art, Wali’s design aesthetic is derived from a mix between experimental, modern and chic, which would be titled “street couture”. “We pride ourselves one being a wearable art brand and we ensure that the entire process of our collections would include hand-made work. Sustainability is very important to us so we do use recycled fabric and sustainable ink throughout all our prints,” she concludes.

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