“She Travels” Online Academy Empowers Women One Trip at A Time

Wednesday July 24, 2019

67354476_2099333043702892_4472712988536602624_n.jpgWith today’s technology innovation and development of transportation, travelling is becoming more accessible and affordable to people more than ever before. The number of globe trotters are on the rise. The world is becoming smaller as boundaries are melting and cultures are mingling.

67475231_657024888110729_3819070308124459008_nUtilizing on the importance of sharing travel experiences, Egyptian Entrepreneur and Founder of She Travels (ST), Menna Shahin launched her website, named after her initiative. ST website though, is not only intended to share information and travel tips, but also to become an online academy for women to grow and develop through travelling. Moreover, it will also include tips and information for women travels from around the world who want to visit Egypt, as well as help them organize their vacations.

“Travelers are becoming more informed, curious and knowledgeable than ever before. Travel website and blogs are surging,” said Menna Shahin to WoE.  With the soaring number of social media platforms, YouTube videos and thousands of active bloggers around the world who happily (travelers are always happy people) share their experiences, free information and colorful photos, there is abundance free travel information accessible online with a click of a button. “You can think of just about any little village in the remote corner in the world and you will find abundance information about it online,” Menna added. “Thus is it important for ST to become part of this global community, not only to help Egyptian women to travel, but also to promote Egypt to women from all over the world, to spend a safe and enjoyable vacation in the land of the Pharaohs.

“But most importantly, we are aiming for the website to become an inclusive platform that includes an online academy for women to help them grow and develop by providing them with the necessary resources to accomplish that.”

65654053_10161703013935315_2769463649117405184_nWith over 220k followers on its Facebook page and a 100k members on its group, ST has become one of the largest personal travel initiatives in Egypt. A world traveler herself, Shahin has travelled to 37 countries. Realizing how traveling has developed her character, she aspired to bring change to the lives of women who never had the chance to travel, or are reluctant to travel alone. ST offers them the chance to travel with a safe and experienced group, and to also develop and grow through travelling. Life coaches and mentors are assigned to the travel groups where women also benefit from their life coaching and motivational sessions while traveling; in a sense, they travel to explore both the world and themselves.

Shahin built on the success of ST social media platform to also grow her initiative to become a learning academy within the travel scope. Hence, she launched ST website, not just to share travel information and tips, but also to help women to develop, learn, grow.

21231712_10159078394395315_6494866283915977474_nIn addition to all the necessary information a traveler needs, the website will also include a travel blog that would offer female traveler writers a platform to publish their writings and share their experiences and how travel impacted their lives. The website will also include motivational videos by various life coaches to inspire, develop and help women grow in various fields.

Travel experts and life coaches will also be available to answer questions by the followers and visitors whether they need assistance in booking, a hotel recommendation, how to survive a negative work environment, or deal with bullying at work. Moreover, ST will organize monthly contest for girls in various fields, and would highlight and reward the winners in each field. All services provided on ST website are accessible for free by just signing up for the website and joining ST community, “and the world will be available to you at your fingertips,” concluded Menna.

Menna graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Ain Shams University, majoring in Pharmaceutical industries. She works for a pharmaceutical company in Dubai.  Shahin also launched Tekeya, a food mobile app to fight hunger and reduce food waste. When she is not traveling, or working,  Menna  is also a licensed static skydiver and diver.

Check Menna Shahin’s “She Travels” website and Facebook page here and here

To learn more about Tekeya and to download Tekeya App 

Photos credit: Menna Shahin  and She Travels

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