The Feminist Paradox: Why Many People Are Against Feminism.

Saturday July 20, 2019                     By: Shahenda Mahmoud

María María Acha-Kutscher
credit to : María María Acha-Kutscher

Feminism, the eight-letter word that inspired people to see, act and believe differently in women,and changed women history, is still considered a delusional unrealistic privilege in some parts of the world.Despitethe desperate cries for a safe and healthy environment for women and gender equality, there’s still a large percentage of people around the world who see otherwise.

Feminism, according to Wikipedia, is “A series of political campaigns for reforms on issues such as reproductive rights, domestic violence, maternity leave, equal pay, women’s suffrage, sexual harassment, and sexual violence, all of which fall under the label of feminism.” In a much easier way, feminism is the belief and act of giving women the same opportunities and rights as men.

So, if feminism is about gender equality and women rights, why many men and women are against it?

Barely hanging on to the edge of life:

Imagine discussing your favourite McDonald’s sandwich, TV show or Chernobyl – the HBO miniseries named as one of the greatest shows in history by IMDB – with an informed friend who shares your views and interests. This friend will certainly relate to what you are saying. On the other hand, if you are talking to a vegetarian friend who doesn’t watch TV or unaware of the Chernobyl disaster, s/he will react nonchalantly.

Feminism faces the same problem. Some people, including women, don’t relate to it. There’s a chance some women don’t even understand what feminism is, let alone agree with it.

A poor, sick woman in her mid-thirties – with limited education, married barely at the legal age and bore more children than she could afford to raise – would be content at the end of the day with a roof over her head and a hot meal for her children. This woman wouldn’t care about feminism because gender equality won’t make richer or healthier.

So, if you want to promote feminism, go ahead but before blaming someone for not being a feminist, erase poverty and illiteracy first. You can’t blame people for not being feminists when they are barely hanging on to the edge of humanity.


The second important reason for many people to stand against feminism is their false belief, or as I like to call it “incorrect upbringing based on false beliefs. “

Throughout ages, women have been quite successful in various fields. They were and still are innovative, powerful, persistent and smart. Yet, in spite of being pioneers in various life aspects, they have been raised on gender inequality from an early age. Young boys play with cars, planes and guns. They run wild, play in the mud and get in trouble. On the other hand, girls play with dolls and dollhouses. They are told to stay indoors where it is safe, wear makeup, and stay slim. Women are raised to become obedient daughters, beautiful young ladies and perfect wives.

As boys grow older, their lives fill up with adventures and experiences, while girls retreat to silence and fear. Fear from stepping outside the little box they are kept in. Fear from living life to the fullest. Fear from traveling abroad to pursue a higher education. Fear from being more than just a wife. Both men and women are raised on fake facts and wrong beliefs.  Consecutive generations were born, raised and died on those beliefs. Thus, it’s hard for them to support different ideologies that promote equal rights and opportunities, i.e. feminism.

Phobia from the unknown: 

Illiteracy, Ignorance and wrong beliefs are the prime causes for anti-feminism, but some people also have phobias from the unknown. It is among the basic survival instincts known to humans. People fear the unknown. Thus, they resist any change to their status quo. Women rights, gender equality and girl power are major changes for those who never experienced them in the first place. Some men resist change not to lose power and its consequences. On the other hand, some woman might also resist new gaining power and its responsibilities.

Thus, both sides would fear, hate and reject feminism.

Shedding light on some of the causes of the problem may help solving it.  It is important to find solutions and support for the cause as women deserve to be treated equally and to gain more rights.

Women voices should not be muted or silenced.  Keep screaming your lungs out, ladies.

I am a feminist and I am proud.

55752367_2301732303485803_6876735711731515392_nShahenda Mahmoud, THEBOOKGEEK. I am a 22-year old indie book blogger, poet, magazine writer and a senior dental student. If I am not reading, then you would find me writing book reviews, poems, women empowerment, career coaching or personal development articles. 

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  1. I am a feminist. When asked to people about what they think about feminism, the immediate topics they relate to are women smoking, drinking like men. Due to the wrong perception, I think the core of feminism is backfired. Both men and women view feminism in a negative sense, that is women going out of the way to be like men. The negative perception combined with the traditional structure of the society, makes both men and women turn against feminism.
    So, I believe one of the main reasons why many are against feminism is the misunderstanding of the term ‘feminism’ itself.

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