Press Release from HRH King Ahmed Fouad II and Official Photos from Princess Fawzia’s Wedding

Monday January 21, 2019

Press Release by HRH King Ahmed Fouad II – Copied from HRH’s Official Page

50644032_10157173733808081_4759379356642443264_nAlmost 80 years after the wedding of Princess Fawzia,daughter of King Fouad I; Princess Fawzia, the daughter of King Fouad II got married.

On the one hand, there were some coincidental similarities between the festivities that reflected the traditions of the family. On the other hand, there were contradictions that reflected the difference in time.

50811344_10157173733923081_4384155238249005056_nAs the senior Princess married a foreign prince (Crown Prince of Iran, Prince Mohammad Pahlavi), the younger princess also married a foreigner, whom she chose to be the prince of her heart, the French electronic engineer, Silvan Reynodu.

As the celebrations of thesenior Princess’s wedding extended for many weeks on the land of Egypt and Iran, to reflect the greatness and grandeur of the era, and to conclude in Iran, also the young Princess’s wedding ceremonies were extended for many months, due to the circumstances of the couple and the legal and civil marriage procedures in western societies. The ceremonies ended at her father’s residence in the Swiss countryside with a Sunni religious celebration, conducted by Sheikh Dalil Boubakeur, rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris, and Sheikh Galoul Bouzidi, imam of the mosque, who both came specially from France to perform the traditional Islamic marriage ceremony.

50570771_10157173733978081_5157902908112502784_nUnlike the legendary event in 1939, the 2019 marriage ceremony was private and simple, attended only by 60 close friends and family members, headed by His Majesty King Fouad II and Crown Prince Muhammad Ali and his wife Princess Nawal Zahir Shah; Prince Fakhruddin; Prince Hussein Touson and his wife Princess Mounira Toussoun; Princess Malik Per Toussoun; Princess Farial daughter of King Farouk, her husband Ali Sharaoui Pasha and their daughter Yasmin Shaarawi; Mr. Sasha Orlov, the son of Princess Fadia, daughter of King Farouk and his sons; Mr. Hussein Fakhri, Princess Shweikar’s grandson and his wife Mrs. Sherifa Rashad; Princess Fatima of Afghanistan, mother of Princess Nawal and mother-in-law of Prince Mohamed Ali; Dr. Zalmay Rasool, Former Secretary of King Zahir Shah of Afghanistan; Prince Haris Shehab Siddiq, Former Foreign Minister of Afghanistan and childhood friend of His Majesty King Fouad II, the groom’s parents; Mr. Jean Reynodu,his wife Mrs. Edith Reynoduand the groom’s sister Stephany Reynodu.

50661302_10157173734973081_6140660278058024960_nThe wedding was also attended by members of the Egyptian community in Switzerland; Mr. Youssef Makar Pasha, Mr. Rashid Taymour and his wife Martin Taymour; and Mrs. May Bakhtiar, wife of Asfandiar Bakhtiar, son of Taymour, the Prime Minister of the Shah of Iran.  Several ambassadors, diplomats and politicians attended informally. Also attended, the Honorary President of the Lawyers’ Union, Antoine Khairallah, Consultant in International Law; and the Princess’s friends from France and Italy.

50462015_10157173733753081_69943447926079488_nFriends of the family attended from Egypt including, Mrs. Rawia Mansour; Dr. Ihab Yousef and her wife MP. Dalia Youssef and historian Dr. Maged Farag Pasha, Spokesman for His Majesty King Fouad II





Photos courtesy of HRH Official Facebook Page

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  1. Which is totally haram by the way and you are writing an article as though nothing is wrong with the Egyptian community as a whole and she’s not a traitor, and nothing is wrong with her pimp father and nothing is wrong with a French guy who just wants to offend people by sleeping with an Egyptian woman. Well anyway long live the revolution!


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