Here Comes the Bride; Princess Fawzia-Latifa of Egypt is Getting Married.

Wednesday January 16, 2019

King Ahmed Fouad II and Princess Fawzia-Latifa

Princess Fawzia-Latifa, the youngest granddaughter of King Farouk I of Egypt, and daughter of Egypt’s last monarch, Ahmed Fouad II, is getting married on Saturday January 19th, at her father’s residence in Geneva, Switzerland.


According to the Egyptian newspaper Al Ahram, Princess Fawzia-Latifa, 36, will marry  an electronic French engineer who works in the Principality of Monaco

Princess Fawzia-Latifa was born in Monte Carlo, Monaco, in 1982. She works in public relations and media. Previously, she worked in the private sector in Egypt when she lived in Cairo. She also served as a diplomat with the Principality of Monaco’s delegation in Austria. It’s notable to mention that King Farouk after abdicating the throne in 1952, he was granted the Monégasque citizenship from Rainier III, Prince of Monaco. At the time of his father’s abdication, Crown Prince Ahmed Fouad II was six months old. To save the monarchy, King Farouk put the young prince on the throne. This move did not salvage the monarchy. A year later, the monarchy was abolished and the republic was declared.


King Ahmed Fouad II lost his throne, but to his close entourage he is still the King of Egypt. He grew up in France and married a French woman who converted to islam and was given the Arabic name Fadila. They had three children, two princes and a princess. The marriage didn’t last long. After their divorce, King Ahmed Fouad moved to Switzerland.

Ahmed Fouad II, Princess Fadila and their first child.

Sources close to the former royal family reported that attendance to Princess Fawzia-Latifa’s wedding will be limited to family members and close friends.




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  1. Very happy to have found this article.
    Congratulations to the beautiful bride and to king Fouad.
    God bless this marriage.
    Most Egyptians wish you are still our king.


  2. Alf mabrook to our princess GOD BLESS your wedding….may the almighty provide happiness during all your lifetime.
    my name is not a common Arabic name i am an Egyptian of Armenian origin born I love Egypt.


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    informative article somewhere else? I guarantee full credit.
    This may be the very first time I wanted to do something like this after great materials from Thank advance and you, and keep
    your creative spirits upward! Thank you.


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