Meet Rahma Khaled, the First TV Host In the World With Special Needs

Wednesday December 12, 2018

Source: Rahma Khaled Facebook page

Rahma Khaled’s dream of becoming a television host came true when Egyptian dmc TV channel offered her a job to co-host their morning show “8:00 O’clock” on Tuesdays. This job opportunity came a week short of her first appearance on Al Ghad Channel on December 3rd, when she was invited to co-host a live segment on their morning show, in celebration of the International Day of Persons with Special Needs. Khaled, 20, graduated from the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels. The Olympic swimming champion, has always had a passion to become a TV host.

Source: Rahma Khaled Facebook page

For her first appearance on Al Ghad TV, she rehearsed for 45 minutes and the television production crew acquainted with the cameras in the studio. The rehearsals paid off as she appeared confident and professional on screen, in spite of her anxiety before the show started. In her few minutes’ segment, she addressed the issue of people with special needs. Her segment was highly praised by the show producers and viewers, which boosted her confidence. After the show, she expressed her happiness for this opportunity, which lasted for just few minutes. She also conveyed her aspiration to work in this field.

Source: Rahma Khaled Facebook page

Over the past two years, Rahma has been presenting a monthly radio show for children on Sot Al Arab Radio Station. She explains that she has been fighting hard to work in the media, “as it is the quickest and most effective way to improve the image of people with special needs in the society.”  Her work in various professions would be a “practical example of their abilities,” she said.

Source: Rahma Khaled Facebook page

With her goal set to work on TV, and as her degree in Hotels and Tourism is inadequate to qualify her to pursue her dream to work in the media, Khaled has attended several training courses in radio broadcast and media work, over last few months. Her hard work, courage and perseverance paid off.

 Khaled’s mother, Amal Otayfa, played a crucial role to bring her daughter to where is today. Otayfa, a speech therapist, accepted her daughter’s condition from birth and treated her like a normal child, “who can accomplish anything she wanted if she worked hard for it,” she said. 

She worked hard to improve her daughter’s mental and speech skills, which enabled Khaled to enroll in a regular school; under a close supervision from the school management.

Source: Rahma Khaled Facebook page

Khaled, and avid athlete, started her swimming training at the age of 8. She also plays tennis and basketball. Over her sports career, she won more than 170 national and international medals, including golds medals at the 2010 and 2011 Paralympics. She was the spokesperson for people with special needs at the 2012 Youth Conference in Beirut.

With all her accomplishments, Khaled was voted the most influential woman in 2015, the youngest to receive the title among Egyptian women. “The secret to Rahma’s success is her determination to succeed. I advise all mothers to believe in their children, and their ability to succeed, no matter what their condition is. If you believe in them, they will prove you right,” Oteifa said in an interview with Hawaa magazine.

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  1. I don’t have facebook. I live in Paris from a very long time but I am always very interested by the Egyptian news and specially the women magazine. All my best wishes to Rahma’s success and all my admiration to her mother Amal Otayfa who is certainly a great woman.


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