Mariam Works as A Carpenter to Get Through Tough Times

Thursday November 1, 2018        By: Photojournalist Mohamed Hakim

45011781_2106957496015513_7074419419845230592_nMariam’s husband abandoned her seven years ago with no source of income. She had just given birth to her second son Karas, who is now in third grade. It wasn’t easy for the single mother in the conservative governorate of Minia in Upper Egypt to support her two sons. Inevitably, she sent her eldest son, Nour, who was just a child, to work in a carpenter shop. For five years, Nour was the breadwinner of the family.

45077200_2106958789348717_3277574991951953920_nMariam, 45, decided to start a carpentry business with her elder son, who had mastered the craft from his previous job. She asked him to teach her, and he did, “one step at a time,”she said. Today, she is responsible to take orders and buy the workshop supplies. Nour manufactures the orders. Mariam helps her son when there are back orders. They work together from home as they can’t afford to rent a shop.

45085759_2106960442681885_1216253520395632640_nIn spite of all the hardships they went through, Mariam is grateful for what they have accomplished. She is also thankful for their neighbors who are their biggest supporters. They help Mariam’s family by their products; tables, chairs, doors, windows, and other carpentry work.




13508829_536465253227388_227250908483343685_nPhotos credit Mohamed Hakim. Hakim is a photojournalist for Al Masry Alyoum in Minia. Check his work on Facebook and Instagram. 


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