Ways to Build a Healthy Relationship with Yourself

Friday June 22, 2018              By: Dina Al-Mahdy

Here’s how you can start building the foundation of a healthy relationship with yourself:

  1. Do things alone. Doing things alone might be terrifying at first, but being alone teaches us so much about ourselves. We learn to make our own decisions, to manage our time, to entertain ourselves, and to find serenity in solitude. Don’t be scared to grab a book and go to a coffee shop, and enjoy a drink on your own. If people stare at you, know that they’re looking at your amazing ability to be alone, and not judging you for at your “aloneness.”


  1. Take care of your general health. We wouldn’t hurt what we love. To strengthen the bond with ourselves, we have to take care of our physical, emotional, and intellectual health. Eliminate what doesn’t serve you—be it food, situations, or people—and nurture what makes you happy and healthy… or just happy!


3. Believe in yourself. The foundation of any healthy relationship is trust. We have to trust ourselves that we can do well. To achieve, we must believe. I always say that we must do everything as if we already know how to do it.

  1. Be aware of your inner world. Our inner world consists of our relationship with the outer world. How do we treat others? Are we kind toward each other? Do we judge, blame, or criticize? Shed light on your outer actions, and work on them from the inside out.


  1. Create habits. Create habits for yourself the same way you’d create habits with your partner or friend. It can’t be accomplished overnight, but you’ll surely end up with a startling daily routine after some time. Creating habits allows us to spend time with ourselves and to understand our psychological make-up.


  1. Forgive yourself. We’re not perfect human beings, and we can’t be perfect all the time. Forgive yourself for any wrong behavior or actions toward yourself or others. Learn from them instead of beating yourself up for them. For every mistake, there’s a lesson in store.


  1. Be grateful. To build a good relationship with ourselves, we must honor the relationship we have with the universe. As you wake up (and before going to bed), pay gratitude to your existence. Being grateful opens up closed doors and allows us to accept the present moment for whatever it brings us.
  1. Embrace who you are. It’s imperative to work on character flaws, but it’s also essential to accept them. Don’t judge or blame yourself. Fall in love with the person that you see in the mirror, and look at your own soul the same way you’d look at a lover.
  1. Be good to others. Last but not least, build a good relationship with others. Others tend to see us the same way we see ourselves. People are the mirror that we put out there.


This article was originally published on Dina Al-Mahdy’s website, A Journey in My World on February 2nd, 2018.

Photos credit to Dina Al-Mahdy. To view her writings and photographs, visit Dina Al_Mahdy’s website here

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