A Sneak Peek at Entreprenelle’s – She Can 2018 – Mega Women Empowerment Event.

Saturday February 10, 2018


As communities thrive when women are economically empowered, it’s imperative to invest in women, not just because it is right, but because it is important and necessary for the growth of healthier societies. With this understanding in mind, Rania Ayman founded, Entreprenelle, a mission driven enterprise that strives to bridge the gender and economic gap. It also aims to empower women with the needed skills by educating, training and linking them to all the resources possible.

Rania Ayman

Entereprenelle’s upcoming, SHE CAN – 2018 event, on March 2 and 3, 2018, at the Greek Campus will be the largest event of its kind held in Cairo. The two-day event is designed for girls and women of all ages, addressing entrepreneurial activities in four tracks; education, media, technology and creative industries. “The main idea behind SHE CAN is to help women and girls understand what entrepreneurship is, the opportunities that lie ahead of them in different fields, and how to transform their ideas into real projects having the required knowledge and experience,” Rania says.

Because women may communicate differently than men, doesn’t mean they perform any lesser than them. On the contrary, women are as effective leaders as men, even if they lead differently. In fact, they are often even better at it. Studies show women are more collaborative, inclusive and team-oriented. However, with the lack of resources and knowledge, they often underestimate their capabilities and miss on opportunities to grow and excel. “One of the biggest issues that cause a gap in the entrepreneurship field is that women are unaware of the available resources in the market, that’s why at Entreprenelle we act as the link that connects women to all available resources in one place,” Rania says.


With more than 40 speakers, SHE CAN – 2018 event aims to introduce the attendees to success stories of women who managed to overcome personal, career and gender related challenges and gain knowledge from experts in the entrepreneurship field.

The mega event will also include parallel concurrent activities that include panel discussions, workshops, interactive activities, one on one mentorship clinics provided by mentors from different fields, to share their experience and answer questions from women who want to start a new business. Moreover, there will also be activities for moms and kids, to network with lots of women from different backgrounds, and enjoy the exhibition area with live music, and catering.

Find out more and sign up to the event here.  


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