Beautiful and Strong Inside and Out

Saturday December 30, 2017
By: Alexandra Kinias


With their commitment to and support of women empowerment, the latest Garnier- Color Intensity commercial, embraced this concept. The young women starring are neither movie stars nor commercial models. They are real life Egyptian women who broke social taboos and proved that women can raise above their social restrictions. The new commercial reflects Garnier’s message that “every woman embraces her unique beauty while reinforcing her innate sense of self-worth.” It’s a very powerful message to young Egyptian girls, whom media and society have shaped them in a different mold.

12Beauty has been valued in Egypt since ancient times. The ancient Egyptian cosmetology is an art and science studied today. Egyptian women were particular about their beauty products and perfumes. They used natural cosmetics to enhance their natural beauty; henna to color their hair and nails, crushed galena to paint their eyelids. The mineral found in the eastern desert became known as kohl.  They also used malachite mineral as eye shadow and red ochre to color lips and cheeks. They wore perfumes made from rose petals and fragrant herbs. Ancient Egyptian women were also known for their strength and independence. The Garnier commercial highlights that duality.

73Let’s be a little less fearful, more intriguing, more daring than before. Hair color defines one’s identity like nothing else. It gives you a fresh chance to express your individuality to the world.  Whether you’re going a shade lighter, adding subtle warmth, or doing something more dramatic, when you get your hair done that means you have changed, that you’re different from who you were before. Then, if your life needs a little renewing start with your hair and the rest will follow.

21The Garnier video enhances the strength of its featured women. With its dynamic elegance, it demonstrates best their individual strengths in real life. Doaa El Sebai, an aspiring singer, plays the lead guitarist in an all-female band. Heba Mohamed, kickboxing and fitness instructor, participates in a boxing match. Dina Wassef, artist and biker, rides her bike in the streets of Cairo. Noura Mohamed Mounir, a 3 times gold medalist fencing champ and youngest athlete in Rio 2016, defeats her opponent in a fencing match.  Each of these girls have changed their lives by doing something different and by being fearless.

32It’s not just a hair coloring commercial. It’s an empowerment campaign that sets role models for young girls to inspire them to become whoever they wish to be, to shape their minds and help them to grow up emotionally fit in a society that still doesn’t believe in equality. It helps them remove the mental hurdles that stops them from reaching their goals and teaches them to identify their needs and recognize their inner strength.
Most importantly, it advances women status by changing minds and challenging the stereotypes.

Young girls are still in search of identity. Offering them the opportunity to see real women breaking social taboos is empowering.




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