Sara Nady | From Egypt’s Basketball National Team to Top Player at Roberts Wesleyan College in NY 

March 10, 2022

Sara (Saso) Nady is an Egyptian basketball player born and raised in Cairo. Coming from an athletic background where all her siblings played basketball, she developed a strong passion for the game from an early age. During her time in Cairo, Nady played for the Egyptian Shooting Club where she was seen as a young leader and role model as she led her team to many victories and championships over the years. In 2013, the 15-year old joined the Egyptian National Team where she was the Captain of the U16 Women’s Basketball Team participating in her first international tournament in Mozambique. It was the beginning of her professional playing career that was later on filled with international medals and personal awards. 

“It wasn’t always easy”, she said. “I always had the right people around me, pushing me, supporting me, and truly wanting to see me succeed. Especially my family, I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.” 2014 and 2015 marked remarkable years in Nady’s career. She participated in back-to-back World Cup Championships for U17 and U19 in Czech Republic and Russia, respectively. She was also among the 3×3 olympic team that participated in the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China after being crowned an African gold medalist.

Prior to accepting a scholarship to play basketball at Roberts Wesleyan College in New York in 2016, Nady played one year professionally on the Senior team at Shooting Club where she led the team to the Club’s first-ever Silver medal in the Egyptian League. “It was truly special.. Looking back now, this was the last championship I played with those girls who are also my best friends. I’m so thankful for that memory; for me, for them, and for my club.”

Having been so close to her family and friends in Egypt, leaving to the U.S came with its cost, but it was time to take her talents and play at the next level. Her hard work and dedication made her one of the core players at Roberts since she was a freshman. Nady’s career at Roberts was nothing short of outstanding, she finished among the top players in multiple stats categories, including surpassing 1,000 points. But it’s worth mentioning that Nady’s influence extended outside the basketball court: “Being a student-athlete, 90% of your time consists of attending class, going to practice, and sleeping. I made sure I get involved in things outside of athletics in that 10%.” Her time with the international department, and the diversity and equity office were among her favorite experiences, she said. “I connected with people from all over the world (not necessarily athletes) with different backgrounds and stories, and it truly influenced the way I see things.”

Sara Nady’s picture on a billboard in Rochester, NY representing her college

Nady graduated with her bachelor’s in Business Administration and Marketing and went on to finish her Master’s in Strategic Leadership and Management in May 2021. She received multiple offers from top clubs in Cairo and Alexandria to return to the Egyptian League and compete with the National Team. “My plan after college was always: get my master’s and play basketball professionally in Egypt. Everybody knew that. But during this past year, my perspective changed and I realized I have the ability to make a bigger impact on my community and the sports industry.”

So what’s next for the 24-year old? Nady just finished her first year of coaching at the United Nations International School leading the Varsity Women’s Basketball Team while also working full-time at a fintech company in NYC. In addition, she is pursuing her passion in the sports industry to advocate for Egyptian female athletes. The young entrepreneur plans to use her resources and expertise to shed light on the successes and challenges of women while also using her voice to fight for equal rights and opportunities.

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  1. Very nice and inspiring life story , still continues and full of passion and patience , I think you deserve the best and more and more achievement


    • Fantastic Saso Nady you are a Honorable example , why not? and you are daughter of my colleague creative prof. dr/ Ahmed Nady .Hope see you on top of Women’s basketball game.


  2. Saso was not only a top athlete at Roberts, she was a a leader , a mentor and a woman of the highest values. I have recruited many players in my career but Saso was in a league by herself. She worked so hard both on her game and in the classroom. She was clearly the best of the best. Coach Jack Rosati


  3. Congratulations to Nady for all of her accomplishments. I was just disappointed that there is no mention of God, Christ Jesus, and/or whether or not she is a committed Christian.


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