At 80, Egyptian swimmer Nagwa Ghorab competes at 2023 Japan Masters Swimming Championship

September 1, 2023

Photo by Reuters

At 80, Egyptian swimmer Nagwa Ghorab won 7th place at the 2023 Japan Masters Swimming National Championship

Nagwa Ghorab | International swimming champion Nagwa Ghorab sends out a loud message to the world that age is in fact just a number. Nagwa became a social media sensation when her story of winning the silver medal in the 50-yard backstroke at the 2016 U.S. Masters Swimming National Championship went viral. 

In the same competition she also came fifth place in the 100-yard backstroke and sixth place in the 50-yard freestyle. She was 73.

This year at the age of 80, in Japan, she came 7th place in the 50-yard freestyle, 9th place in 200-yard free style and 10th place in 100-yards back stroke.

Nagwa, a retired school teacher, started swimming at the age of 4. At 18, she won the national title, and continued practicing and competing in national and international competitions since then. 

She represented Egypt in the Masters’ Championships in participated in Sweden, Austrian, German, French, Italian, Canadian and the U.S.

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