Women of Egypt Network® Registered in the State of AZ, USA, was created to empower women and advance gender equality; to change the image of how the west perceives Egyptian women, and to revive the memory of the amazing women of the Egyptian suffragette movement.
WOE advocates and empowers women by featuring their stories. Women of all ages are invited to share their stories. The only selection criterion is that they are Egyptians. We want to encourage women to work, boost their confidence, and inspire others who are reading their stories.
WOE is not affiliated with any organization or campaign. It’s a personal initiative with an objective to motivate women to stand up and fight for their rights. It’s a message for women to be strong and confident, to dream big and to break whatever taboos holding them back. The future of Egypt lies in the hands of women. We want them to be happy, to walk in harassment free streets, to enjoy a work environment with no gender discrimination. We want little girls to dream of becoming the president or an astronaut or a war correspondent or whatever their hearts desire, with no one telling them they can’t because they are girls.