Two Egyptians Win the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting.

Tuesday April 16, 2019                    – Women of Egypt 


Associated Press investigative reporter Maggie Michael and photojournalist Nariman El-Mofty won the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting, for their extensive coverage of the conflict in Yemen. The Pulitzer Prize is American journalism’s most prestigious honor. The award was established in 1917 by publisher Joseph Pulitzer to honor the achievements of outstanding journalists.

According to the Associated Press, Maggie Michael, Nariman El-Mofty and Maad al-Zikry won for International Reporting for their compelling coverage of the conflict in Yemen and the ensuing humanitarian crisis, including a series of deep investigative stories, photos and videos chronicling atrocities spawned by the war.

Based in Cairo, investigative reporter Maggie Michael has 15 years of experience covering conflicts across the Middle East, and has gained deep knowledge of the political, social, and cultural dynamics of this volatile region. Michael is the first member of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate to win the award. In April 2018, she also received the OPC’s Joe and Laurie Dine Award for best international reporting dealing with human rights for her coverage of abuses in Yemen.

Nariman El Mofty is an Egyptian Canadian photojournalist and photo editor. She works at the Associated Press Middle East photo desk, based in Cairo as an editor for coverage from the Middle East, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Among the Associated Press team was also the Yemeni videographer Maad Al Zekry.

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  1. As I live in Paris I am always very interested to read such good news about Egyptian women. Bravo to all theese great ladies!


  2. Depuis l’aube de l’humanité les femmes égyptiennes sont puissantes par leur intelligence.
    Signé : fille de Nefertiti.


  3. Congratulations you fine brave women! Thank you for giving our younger women and girls real heroes to look up to!


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