Golf Rising Star Talya Sameh, Leads Both Junior and Women Rankings in Egypt

June 6, 2024

At the age of 16, Talya Sameh is already a rising star in Egypt’s women’s golf scene. She discovered her passion for the sport at a young age. Over the past six years, Talya has dedicated herself to mastering the game. Today, she’s Egypt’s top female player.

She faced many challenges on her way. The latest one was a back injury that stopped her from playing in prestigious tournaments like the R&A U16 Junior Open in the UK and the All Africa Championship in Uganda.

Despite this, Talya’s determination remains unshaken. She believes that patience and perseverance are important qualities for any golfer.

Talya’s days are divided between school and training sessions. She attends school during the day and dedicate her evenings to practice and studying. 

Representing Egypt on the international stage is a responsibility that Talya takes seriously. She sees herself not just as a player, but as a representative of her country. She says that every time she wears the Egyptian flag on her sleeve, she feels a sense of pride and honor, motivating her to give her all on the course.

Talya  won many national championships. In 2023, she rose to the top position in both junior and women rankings in Egypt.

She also won several international tournaments including, first place at the Jordan International Open 2021, second place at the Pan Arab Junior Championship in Tunisia in 2022, and 3rd place at the Crete Junior International Open in 2022.

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