Egyptian handball coach Heba Aly founds Titans Sports Club in Australia and became its first president.

June 6, 2024

(ABC News: Bindi Bryce)

Heba Aly is the coach of the Australian Women’s European Handball Team and have played professionally in Egypt and travelled the world playing handball. 

She first visited Wentworth Point in 2018 after she moved to Australia, and she fell in love with the area as it reminded her of Dubai where she spent many years with her family. 

Wentworth Point, is a neighborhood undergoing a transformation from an industrial area to a residential suburb. Heba’s sports programs were cheered by migrant families seeking recreational opportunities.

(ABC News: Bindi Bryce)

Having moved to the area as a mum and athlete, she wanted to use her skills to ensure that the children were provided with professional sporting development from a young age to build healthy lifestyles and enjoy many types of sports. 

Understanding the transformative power of sport for migrant families, she founded Titan Sports Global, a community-based multisport coaching organization.

(ABC News: Bindi Bryce)

The sporting program she created offers sporting activities and development for children and youth from under 5 years to teenagers. She provided coaching in handball, soccer and basketball as well as exercises. Her vision was to create an after school care service for children and families. 

Her biggest challenge had been trying to find a suitable location. The program started in a car park. And in response to the growing demand for recreational spaces, property developer Billbergia stepped in, creating a 60-square-meter green turf area. Hence Titan Sports Club was established.

(ABC News: Bindi Bryce)

Heba’s role in the club was recognized and celebrated when she was elected as its inaugural President during the first Annual General Meeting (AGM). Her wealth of experience as both a professional athlete and elite sports coach positioned her as a natural leader for the organization.

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